“I’m not an immigrant in the truest sense of the word -- I was born and raised in New York City. But, I grew up with my parents’ culture and traditions. My first language was Spanish, and I was placed in ESL classes until I was eight years old. I didn’t understand American culture until I was older, and I lived the immigrant experience vicariously through my parents. Because I straddle being American and being an immigrant, I’m able to bridge the gap between the two communities. There’s no disconnect, and I engage both effectively. My work and all that I want to accomplish is done through the eyes of my parents.” - Anthony, Immigrant Community Law Center - ICLC paralegal


"As an immigrant, I have faced many unnecessary obstacles and limitations that could have easily been prevented if only I had the necessary knowledge. Working with the skilled, empathetic, and passionate attorneys at ICLC is much more than a job, it's a vessel for me to help my immigrant families navigate the system irrespective of where they are from." Mildred, ICLC pararalegal.


"It's not only important to assist clients in navigating the confusing immigration process, but also to reaffirm and empower their voices. It can be difficult to feel good about yourself when you see a constant stream of hate speech across the internet and TV saying that you don't belong here. What I want our clients to know is that they do belong, and that there are so many more people rooting for them than they think." - Sophia, ASC/ICLC legal intern, Brooklyn Law School